2023 Shamrock Highlights - Week 6

9U JV Shamrocks vs Haverford Fords JV2 (L) 0-35

9U V Shamrocks vs Berks County Nightmares (W) 28-0

9U Shamrocks have not given up a point in their last three games and have not allowed  a SINGLE first down in the last two and a half games!  Incredible showing by the whole team this past game versus the Berks County Nightmares, where the Shamrocks took home the victory. Touchdowns this past game by Jace Cheung, Jaden Parks, Colton DiGrazio and Caden Land.

11U JV1 Shamrocks vs Avon Grove Wildcats JV2 (L) 6-18

The Shamrocks battled a fierce Avon Grove team in a close matchup this past weekend. The game was close going into the 4th quarter but the Wildcats were able to pull away as the game came to an end. An outstanding performance by Caden Crowley on both offense and defense helped keep the Shamrocks in the game. Caden had an interception on defense and a great catch and run on offense. Jace Parks was able to score the only touchdown for the Shamrocks and Zayvian Jefferson was a run stopper on the defensive line.


Caden Crowley

Jace Parks


Caden Crowley

Zayvian Jefferson

11U JV2 Shamrocks vs Coatesville Kid Raiders (L) 0-28

11U V Shamrocks vs Berks County Nightmares (W) 35-0

13U JV Shamrocks (BYE)

13U V Shamrocks vs Berks County Nightmares (W) 35-0

RB Adam Graham was just one of the many offensive standouts this week as the Shamrocks took on the Berks County nightmares.  Graham had a 6 yard rushing touchdown while adding in a 25 yard touchdown reception.  Not to be out done running back Zach Brice record a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown, a throwing touchdown and a kickoff return for a touchdown.

2023 Shamrock Highlights - Week 5

9U JV Shamrocks vs Haverford Fords JV 1 (L) 0-14

9U V Shamrocks vs Norchester Knights (W) 32-0

In an impressive showcase of talent and teamwork, our young stars shone brightly in their recent game. Joey Bryce exhibited his versatility, excelling at outside linebacker and cornerback while adding a memorable touchdown run to his career stats. Liam Vincent, equally dynamic, delivered an outstanding performance at outside linebacker, tight end, and marked his debut touchdown run.

On the defensive front, Colton Digrazio emerged as an unstoppable force on the line, taking charge of defensive calls for the 9u Shamrocks. Nathan Krones showcased his defensive prowess with two fumble recoveries and made significant contributions at cornerback and nose guard. His skill set didn't end there, as he dazzled us with some remarkable runs on the offensive side of the ball.

Jace Chueng, a rising star, left an indelible mark on the game. He not only scored a touchdown both on the ground and through the air, marking his first passing touchdown, but also exhibited his prowess as a downhill safety.

The final score speaks volumes of the Shamrocks' dominance, triumphing with a resounding 39-0 victory over Norchester. These remarkable performances reflect the dedication and potential of our young athletes, promising an exciting future for the Shamrocks.

11U JV1 Shamrocks vs Avon Grove Wildcats JV1 (L) 7-25

The Shamrocks had a strong showing in a wet and windy game against the 4-0 Avon Grove Wildcats but were not able to stop the efficient Cat's offense. Several key players on the offensive line including Robert Grim and John Daly helped the Shamrocks move the ball late and get in the endzone on the last play of the game. Our team spent most of the game on defense and there were a few key stops on 4th down led by Dre Lansidel and Connor Stackhouse. We are proud of how hard our boys worked in this game and we're excited to see what they have in store for next weekend when we travel to Avon Grove to play the JV2 Wildcats.

Offensive Players:
Robert Grim
John Daly
Defensive Players:
Dresden "Dre" Lansidel
Connor Stackhouse

11U JV2 Shamrocks vs Avon Grove Wildcats JV2 (L) 0-40

11U V Shamrocks vs Norchester Knights (W) 

Despite the wind and rain, the 11U Varsity had an all-around team game against Norchester forcing three turnovers and recovering an on-sides kick. That said, this was a total team effort to not only score 32 points, but post yet another shutout. Shamrocks win 32-0.


Offensive Line

The Shamrocks stout offensive line gave time for Shamrocks quarterback Eli Torres (#25) to throw for multiple touchdowns to running back Terrance Hill (#4). Running backs Elias "Speedy" Swinton (#6) and  Aiden Custer (#36) added rushing scores with great blocks from Bryce Dockery (#69), Craig Farley (#7), Charles Boland (#60), and Christian DelGaudio (#21).


Defensive Line

The defensive front for the Shamrocks led to three turnovers. Luciano Knuckles (#86) forced a fumble recovered by Aiden Custer (#36). For the second week in a row, defensive linemen Dominic Smith (#55) and Gabe DiJiacomo (#98) generated a pass rush that led to two interceptions by outside linebacker Nolan Krones (#8).

13U JV Shamrocks vs Kennett Unionville Titans (W) 26-0

The 13U JV team delivered an exceptional performance, securing a 26-0 victory over the previously undefeated Kennett Unionville Titans.


Nick Stadler led the charge with over 100 yards of total offense, including a 23-yard TD run.  Teddy Tantorski contributed two TDs, one of which was a 49-yard stunner.  Ty Hutchinson, Liam Washington, Che Francis, and Enzo Bell (who scored a TD) all showcased their offensive prowess. The offensive line’s dominance paved the way for an impressive 300 yards of total offense!


Defensively, standout tackles by Ty Hutchinson and Joseph Rodriguez limited the Titans to less than 50 yards in total offense. Special teams secured three out of four kicks, maintaining the Shamrock’s dominance throughout the game.

13U V Shamrocks vs Brandywine Warriors (W) 38-16

In a thrilling showdown, the West Chester Shamrocks delivered a commanding performance on both sides of the ball, securing a resounding victory. Let's take a closer look at the standout players who lit up the field:

Offensive Standouts:

  • Zach Brice once again displayed his exceptional rushing prowess, leaving defenders in his wake as he accounted for an impressive three touchdowns. His remarkable contributions on the ground played a pivotal role in the Shamrocks' offensive success.
  • Quarterback Ricky Marinari orchestrated the Shamrocks' offense with finesse, expertly guiding the team on five scoring drives. Marinari's versatility was on full display as he also added a rushing touchdown to his impressive stat line.

Defensive Standouts:

  • DT Elias Martinez-Krammes and LB/DE Noah Hertzog wreaked havoc in the Brandywine Warriors' backfield throughout the game. Their relentless pursuit of the quarterback disrupted plays, resulting in numerous tackles, sacks, and tackles for losses. Their dominant presence on the defensive line made life exceedingly difficult for the opposition.

With standout performances like these, the Shamrocks continue to demonstrate their skill, determination, and commitment to excellence. The victory not only adds to their impressive season but also highlights the incredible potential of these standout players. As the season unfolds, we eagerly anticipate more remarkable moments from this talented team. Stay tuned for more Shamrocks action and updates!

2023 Shamrock Highlights - Week 4

9U JV Shamrocks vs Oxford Golden Bears (L) 6-13

The 9UJV team had one heck of a game this week at Oxford! Among the highlights, Carter Stadler stepped in as a first time punter and booted a punt that netted 35 yards, pinning Oxford deep in their own territory. DT Dylan Eastburn broke through the Oxford offensive line multiple times for tackles for a loss. Additionally, CB Maxx Valdes made numerous tackles on the edge to prevent large gains. RB Hunter Izzi led the team in rushing and had a handful of tough runs, while QB Jase Bird played through having an injured wrist, and captained a scoring drive that culminated with a scramble for 45 yards and a score to bring his team within 7 in the 4th quarter. Although the final score of 13-6 wasn't what the team was looking for, they played outstanding ball and left it all on the field. Way to go boys!!

9U V Shamrocks vs Rose Tree Colts (W) 28-0

11U JV1 Shamrocks vs Oxford Golden Bears (TIE) 0-0

The Shamrocks faced a tough 3-0 Oxford team on Saturday 9/16 which ended in a 0-0 tie. Both teams played stellar defense as they prevented the offenses from getting in the endzone. A late drive by the Shamrocks with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter, left them close to scoring but fell short as time expired. The offensive players of the week were Liam Allen who had several great receptions and strong runs to the outside. Also, Azton Byrne played amazing at center who had a perfect game delivering direct snaps to the quarterbacks. The defensive players of the game were Tucker Smith and Patrick Phillips who both played great containment at their defensive end positions. The boys are looking forward to the homecoming game on Saturday 9/23!

11U JV2 Shamrocks vs Rose Tree Colts (W) 26-0

The 11U JV2 team showed an exceptional performance on both sides of the field. Our quarterback, Gavin Barthmeier (15), had a breakthrough game, connecting on significant passes to a range of receivers including Connor Kendro (11), Daniel Holland (12), Beau Green (10), Levi Poyser (31), Troy Malarick (39), and Angelo Pitts (16). Many of these passes were executed flawlessly, resulting in long touchdown runs after the catch.

On the defensive side, our team was simply outstanding, forcing the Rose Tree offense to turn the ball over on downs in every one of their offensive series. Angelo Pitts' pick-six touchdown was a game-changer and effectively sealed our first win of the season. This victory was a true team effort; the offensive line blocked effectively, the defensive line disrupted the opponent's plans, and special teams made crucial tackles on kickoffs while avoiding turnovers. This game was a valuable experience that highlighted the team's ability to excel when fully focused and dialed in.

11U V Shamrocks vs Rose Tree Colts (W) 7-0


Eli Torres (#25) and Terrance Hill (#4)

The Shamrocks quarterback, Eli Torres, controlled the game with his legs and his arm. Eli made the right choices on passes and was able to secure yardage with his legs and open up the Shamrock running games with Elias Swinton (Speedy) and Terrance Hill. With the tight game into the second half, Terrance was able to gash the Colts defense play after play to run the clock and control the ball. Terrance ran up the middle multiple times for big chunks of yardage and continued moving the chains for the Shamrocks.


Dominic Smith (#55) and Zach Schmerling (#)

Dominic Smith and Zach Schmerling had outstanding games in this defensive battle. Dominic was wreaking havoc in the Colts backfields on both run and pass plays. Dom was consistently inside the passing lanes on screen passes. Zach was a key piece for the pass defense of the Shamrocks. Zach made plays by defending deep passes and long runs and most importantly intercepted a pass that helped seal the victory for the Shamrocks. Not to be outshined, Christian DelGaudio recovered a fumble for the Shamrocks.

13U JV Shamrocks vs Rose Tree Colts (W) 28 – 0

The 13U JV team delivered a remarkable performance, securing a resounding shutout victory against the Rose Tree Colts. Our defense was outstanding, limiting the Colts to a mere -16 yards, with notable contributions from Wyatt Izzi and DeSean Brown-Murrey, who racked up multiple tackles. Wyatt Izzi's exceptional blocked punt returned for a touchdown was a highlight, while our offensive line, featuring Connor Cunningham, Brayden Sommers, Ozzy Thelman, Nate Hayes, Rahmir Jefferson, Kyle Harris, and Dominic Melasecca, paved the way for three touchdowns and an impressive total of over 1000 rushing yards this season. Ty Hutchinson added two field goals to our score. Join us as we host the Kennett Unionville Titans next week and show your support! Go 'Rocks!

13U Varsity Shamrocks vs Rose Tree Colts (W) 21-0

This weekend, the 13U Varsity team dominated Rose Tree, securing an impressive 21-0 shutout victory. The entire Offensive unit contributed to this win and played their hearts out. Running Back Zach Brice stole the spotlight, showcasing his exceptional skills by notching all three touchdowns, each spanning over 40 yards.

On the defensive front, Safety Matt Kendro played a pivotal role, contributing several crucial tackles and thwarting a Rose Tree scoring attempt with a game-changing interception in the endzone, returning it for 40 yards. Additionally, CB/LB Matt Yoder delivered a stellar defensive performance, registering multiple tackles, including two critical touchdown-saving stops in the late stages of the game, crucially preserving the shutout. Come cheer on your Shamrocks this coming weekend at our homecoming!

2023 Shamrock Highlights - Week 3

9U JV vs Coatesville Raiders (L) 0-22


9U V vs Coatesville Raiders (L) 0-20


11U JV1 vs Coatesville Raiders (CANCELLED)


11U JV2 vs Kennett Titans (L) 0-18

In our week 3 matchupo, our 11uJV2 team faced a tough challenge against the Kennett Titans, ultimately falling short with a final score of 0-18. Unfortunately, injuries took a toll, and the game had to be called in the 3rd quarter. Nevertheless, our team displayed resilience and determination, putting up a strong fight against a formidable opponent despite being visibly outmatched.


11U V vs Coatesville Raiders (CANCELLED)


13U JV1 vs Coatesville Raiders (W) 23-0

The 13U JV Shamrocks faced an abrupt halt in the first quarter with a score of 23-0, thanks to thunder and lightning concerns. Unfortunately, this limited us to just a handful of plays. Despite the short game, Ty Hutchinson made an impact with two successful field goal extra points, and Teddy Tantorski scored two touchdowns, both set up by Nick Stadler's exceptional onside kicks. On the defensive front, we managed to secure a turnover on downs in just four plays, ultimately leading to a touchdown by Enzo Bell. The team is eager to get back on the field this week against the Rose Tree Colts!

13U V vs Coatesville Raiders (W) 50-26

Players of the Week:


RB Zach Brice had stellar day, carrying the ball 10 times for 200 yards and 6 rushing touchdowns, while adding an 80 kickoff return for a TD.

The rotation of the offensive line featuring C-Nick Porte, G’s-Shawn Knuckles, Elias Martinez-Krammes and CJ Dougherty, T’s Roman Linder, Caden Staines and Toren Gardner opened massive holes in the Coatesville defense allowing Zach Brice and the other backs to rack up 260 yards of total offense and 6 rushing touchdowns.


LB Finn Sullivan and DE/LB Noah Hertzog lead the defensive unit, together accounting for multiple tackles, 3 sacks and 5 tackles for losses and applying pressure on every play. The Shamrocks only surrendered 13 offensive points to Coatesville in a 50-26 win.

2023 Shamrock Highlights - Week 2

9U JV vs Brandywine Warriors (W) 13-0

Players of the Week:


Center – Aiden Rudolf (#33)

Aiden had  a tremendous game at center. He took control and made it easy on our QB. This was Aiden’s first  game at center and he was amazing!

QB – Jase Bird (#16)

Jase Bird primarily played QB in Sunday’s game. On a play that was to be a pass, he made the quick decision to tuck the ball and run. He scored on a 20 yard run! He also had a pass to Nathan Krones for the extra point. The offensive group had a great time playing together and putting points up.


Safety:  Hunter Izzi (#20)  did a fantastic job making sure no one got past him!

OLB: Stephen Pelna (#80) made some huge tackles throughout the game. Together, along with the Shamrock Defense dominate the other team. The entire defensive team did an outstanding job of not allowing anyone to score.  The Shamrocks win with the final score as 13-0 !

9U V vs Brandywine Warriors (L) 6-7

Players of the Week:


Jace Cheung had multiple long runs and was great at giving the offense a spark when it was needed. Jace also had some huge tackles for loss on defense as well.

Caden Land had 1 touchdown run in his first game with the 9U team and some crucial 4th down conversions.


Ryan Casey played great in his first game at middle linebacker. One highlight that sticks out is when Brandywine’s running back made a long run, Ryan didn’t give up on the play and chased down the back and tackled him preventing him from scoring a touchdown!

Joey Porrini had a huge fumble recovery that he returned for 20+ yards and made some great plays on defense.

It was a good first half with the Shamrocks leading Brandywine 6-0 with great play at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. It was a tough second half with Brandywine coming back to beat the Shamrocks 7-6.

11U JV1 vs Haverford Fords (L) 0-14

The 11UJV1 Shamrocks were unable to overcome a two touchdown deficit like they did last weekend in the season opener. The Shamrocks lost 0-14 against the Haverford Fords who played a sound and disciplined football game. Despite having not scored any points, the offense still had two stand out players. On a 4th and long, Caleb Land (#17) threw a 20 yard completion to Caden Crowley (#27) who was just a few inches short of the first down marker. The defense this past weekend was led by their three starting linebackers - Logan Dolski (#7), Zandor Byrne (#13), and Jake Buchner (#11). The three led the team in tackles and Jake also had an interception to cap off a well fought battle.

Players of the Week:


Caleb Land (#17) & Caden Crowley (#27)


Logan Dolski (#7), Zandor Byrne (#13) and Jake Buchner (#11)

11U JV2 vs Brandywine Warriors (L) 6-19

11I JV2 took on Brandywine Delaware in a good fought football game losing 19-6. Although we lost, the kids have been developing and gaining real gametime experience, which is very necessary in their development. Overall, this game was definitely winnable, but sometimes we have to provide the proper reps in order to develop the newer players. Winning games should be coming soon, but we’ll take the victory on getting every player better.

Players of the Week:


Angelo Pitts (19)

Connor Kendro (#10)

Angelo Pitts (#19) and Connor Kendro (#10) were our offensive studs this week. This is Angelo’s first year playing organized football and he had a 58 yard touchdown proving to himself that he is able and trending upwards!

Conno Kendro was at it again this week, catching the ball, breaking up a deep pass on defense and helping us extend offensive drives with his down field blocking.


Andy Rongaus (#51) Gabe Dijiacomo (#98)

Inside linebacker Andy Rongaus (#51) made his debut on the roster and had 5 tackles, including a sack!

Defensive lineman Gabe Dijiacomo (#98) was a disruptive force on the D Line, causing problems for Brandywine Delaware to run the ball his side.  With Gabe’s efforts, he was moved up to Varsity to continue his growth!

11U V vs Brandywine Warriors (L) 0-21

11U Varsity fought hard in the Labor Day weekend matinee at Brandywine DE but fell short in the game 21-0.

Players of the Week:


Aiden Custer (#36)

Charles Boland (#60)

Despite the loss, key moments in the game included first down runs and key blocks on the offensive side of the ball by Aiden Custer. Aiden showed pride and perseverance in the midday sun. Additionally, Charles Boland played both sides of the offensive and defensive line. Charles had many key blocks along the line to spring long runs by Aiden Custer, Eli Torres, and Elias Swinton (aka Speedy).


Nolan Krones (#8)

Luciano Knuckles (#86)

Nolan Krones, the Shamrocks stud outside linebacker shined on Sunday in Delaware. Nolan put the team on his back racking up tackle after tackle. Many tackles behind the line scrimmage and in one-on-one situations. Not to be outshined, Luciano Knuckles was a secure centerpiece for the Shamrocks 5-3 defense front. Knuckles was able to create plays for Nolan Krones and other Shamrocks linebackers by forcing runners out of the interior of the defense and towards the sidelines.

13U JV vs Brandywine Warriors (W) 21-0

Players of the Week:


Dominic Melasecca (#33) and Che Francis (#56)

It was a total team effort! The offensive line blocked for 235 rushing yards and three touchdowns!  The big guys up front continue to gel and are getting better at blocking and remembering their assignments.


Enzo Bell (#63)

Wyatt Izzi (#20)

The defense held the Warriors to Negative 65 yards and had 16 tackles for losses…as well as one strip tackle, which should have gone for a defensive touchdown but was cancelled as the play was whistled dead by the officials.

Special Teams player of the week:

Nick Stadler (#13)

Special Teams continue to improve each week and our kicks are getting better as well and resulted in 1 turnover, which the offense turned into a Touchdown drive!

13U V vs Brandywine Warriors (W) 8-2

Players of the Week:


Running Backs Zach Brice (#3) and Noah Hertzog (#9)

Together they combined for 25 carrier and 100 yards rushing. Hertzog scored the game’s lone touchdown from 10 yards out, while Brice added a completion of 40 yards and hauled in 2 receptions for 30 yards.


Linebacker Caden Staines:  Staines recorded multiple sacks, including a strip sack and fumble recovery.

Safety Everett Wafalosky (#12): Wafalosky recorded a sack and anchored a strong pass coverage unit that held off a late 4th quarter drive by the Brandywine Warriors to seal the win. Final score 8-2 Brandywine Warriors.


P.O. BOX 1311