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Our Founder


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In the late summer of 1958, Al Kelly had a great idea to try and help the kids of West Chester around the fundamentals of football.
His main goal was to take youngsters from playing backyard football, with no equipment and no supervision, to an establish, supervised program for their benefit. With the help of a group of determined and willing men and an ad in the local newspaper producing eighty boys looking to play the game, L.A.F.A. was born.


It was that first group of eager boys, wanting to learn the fundamentals of football, that has grown into an organization today that serves over 300+ boys and girls in the game we love. Now, after over sixty years and with L.A.F.A. still going strong, Mr. Kelly's dream has benefited thousands of young men and women within the West Chester community and surrounding areas.

In 2021, LAFA created the West Chester Shamrocks to join the Independent Youth Football League (IYFL) and will no longer be an in-house organization. The IYFL follows the same philosophy as LAFA providing multiple age based teams with some groups having both competitive and developmental. The competitive teams will have a chance to make the playoffs at the end of the regular season. The winner of the IYFL championship will move onto the AYF Regionals with a chance to compete for the national championship in Florida.

Registration Fee Assistance Program

Mr. Kelly knew that teamwork was a valuable lesson learned through the game of football. We honor that tradition of teamwork by working with our community to provide assistance so that any youth in our area, that has a desire to play the game, has the support to do so. Send us a note to learn more using the form below:

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Graduating 2021 Alumni Heading Places:

Yaden Cooper - Widener University

Jordan Goodwin - Widener University

Jack McAnally - Sacred Heart University

Our Awards

Nate Matthews



Nate Matthews played L.A.F.A football from 1958 until 1961. A trophy donated by Nate's family is given annually to a graduating player who has displayed the following:

  •  The true meaning of sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for others
  • Improvement of ability

Nate's goal in life was cut short by his death in Vietnam on August 10, 1971.
Throw this award his memory will always live on.




Michael played football for LAFA from 1976 until 1981. His commendable sportsmanship and athletic ability will always be distinctive qualities for young men to follow. Michael's death on February 11th, 1982 institutes the first scholarship afforded by LAFA. Since 1984, a $500.00 scholarship has been awarded to an East, Henderson and Rustin high school seniors who have graduated from LAFA.




Dawn Semerad was a cheerleading coach from 1995 to 2000. Her love for the girls and enthusiasm for the sport inspired the many lives that she touched.
Our citizenship award is given in honor of her to a cheerleader who demonstrates dedication, positive attitude, leadership qualities, and a true desire to reach her full potential both on and off the field.

Our Community

LAFA has been serving the greater West Chester area as well as its surrounding communities for the past 60+ years.
Providing state of the art facilities for use by not only LAFA but also other local organizations such as WCASD, West Chester University and other leagues throughout the region.
LAFA takes great pride in having operated as a non-profit and as a 100% volunteer organization since our inception in 1958.

Our Alumni



  • Estaban Ramos - West Chester East
  • Yaden Cooper - West Chester East
  • Sincere Cooper - West Chester East
  • Jordan Goodwin - West Chest Henderson
  • Jack Capaldi - Malvern Prep
  • Jake Falco - Tower Hill
  • Eddie Smink - West Chester Henderson
  • John Wileczek - West Chester East
  • Joe Wileczek - West Chester East


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