Why L.A.F.A.?

LAFA's philosophy is aligned with the Independent Youth Football League (IYFL). Our practice schedule are 3 days a week with an optional day not to practice to help accommodate player and family schedules.


Player safety is our #1 priority.

Our Approach

Develop, Grow, Compete - LAFA Your Football Evolution


  • LAFA's approach is structured to ensure that every community kid that wishes to play football has the opportunity to develop, grow, and compete with various options of flag and/or tackle football.
  • We offer developmental and competitive teams, along with off season camps to keep players and families engaged.
  • Players are also evaluated to assist us in placing players to have the best possible outcomes for personal growth and development.
  • We have great facilities where we offer all equipment except a helmet.
  • We also offer cheerleading, so we can provide an awesome overall football experience.

LAFA Coach Certifications

  • Coach Training Certification for Head Coaches, Coaching Youth Football
  • The AYF Way 3rd Edition
  • Independent Youth Football League background screenings and Child Abuse Checks
  • USA Football Certifications

LAFA Coaches ALso Certified with Heads Up Football®

Heads Up Football® is a comprehensive program developed by USA Football to advance player safety in the game of football. LAFA has been an active member organization since 2016.

Board Members

Executive Board Members - for 2024:

    • GREGG LONG - Commissioner


    • JIM LINDSAY - Assistant Commissioner


    • JOE MCALLISTER - Secretary


    • ROB SCHELLHAMMER - Treasurer


Questions for the League?

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General Board Members - for 2024:

  • MIRUNA STADLER - Director of League Operations
  • STEVE BYRNE - Assistant Director of Operations
  • JIMMY MELASECCA - Director of Football
  • BRAD FIDLER - Director of Flag Football
  • JEANNIE GRESKOFF - Director of Cheer
  • CORY LAND - Director of Communications, Marketing, & Registration
  • MIKE PORTE - Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing, & Registration
  • SHAWN FUTCH - Director of Fundraising, Sponsorship, & Merchandise
  • NICOLE BRICE - Assistant Director of Fundraising, Sponsorship, & Merchandise
  • BRIAN HUTCHINSON - Director of Player Safety
  • STEVE BELL - Director of Football Equipment & Facilities
  • CHRIS DELGAUDIO - Assistant Director of Football Operations (Tackle/Flag)

Be a Volunteer

By law, all coaches and assistants in all divisions must obtain their clearances in order to work with the children.  If you desire to be an assistant, it is recommended that you start the clearance process immediately in order to be ready for the season. You can begin the process to obtain your clearances via the link below. This will be strictly enforced during the entire season. No exceptions will be made. If you do not have clearances, you will not be permitted on the field.

P.O. BOX 1311