The LAFA West Chester NFL Flag Football program is designed to teach kids the very basic fundamentals of football in a fun, energetic and inclusive environment.


The 2024 LAFA Flag Football program will consist of Co-Ed and Girls' divisions, and is based on what grade your child will be in for the 2024-2025 school year: 6U (K & 1st), 8U (2nd & 3rd), 10U (4th & 5th), 12U (6th & 7th), and 14U (8th & 9th). For Sophomores who are still wanting to compete, we will accept 10th graders.


In 2024 we have expanded our horizons to include a Girls' NFL Flag division in support of one of the fastest growing sports in the world, as well as right here in Pennsylvania - Girls' Flag Football.

"The sport’s unique accessibility is the main reason it has exploded worldwide, to more than 20 million participants in over 100 countries — including about 500,000 girls under the age of 17 in the U.S, a 63%increase from the number who played in 2019."


Season Information

All play is at our state of the art turf facility, Kelly Field, located at the West Chester Sports Complex, 601 Westtown Rd., West Chester, PA.

The Fall 2024 LAFA NFL Flag Season will start with practices the Wednesday after Labor Day, 9/4/24, with the first games taking place on 9/6/24, and culminating with playoffs the weekend of 10/25/24 (all divisions except 6U, which will finish their season the weekend of 10/18/24).

Practices are held once per week, with games (7 games, 2 - 20 minute halves, 5 minute intermission) being held on Fridays (Friday Night Lights) and Saturdays.



All teams are coached by parents. Please consider being involved and volunteering to coach!


Friend requests

Buddy/carpooling requests will be considered, but must be reciprocal. We'll do our best to honor the requests, while still considering team balance.



6U: K-1st -- Co-Ed

8U: 2nd-3rd -- Co-Ed

10U: 4th-5th -- Co-Ed and Girls

12U: 6th-7th -- Co-Ed and Girls

14U: 8th-9th-10th - Co-Ed and Girls

*Any division, aside from the Girls Only ones, are co-ed

**Any division not meeting minimum registration requirements may be combined with another to operate


What do I need to provide?

  • Cleats (plastic), sneakers or turf shoes. Metal and screw in cleats are not allowed.
  • Water, for both practice and games
  • A positive and supportive attitude!


Field Policy and Parent Conduct

  • Parents can drop their children off at the field for practices and games. They are then allowed to watch the practices from behind the fences and in the stands. Parents may then gather their children from the field after their practice or game is over.
  • The above also policy applies to siblings who are not participants.
  • At no time are any comments that are not of a positive nature to be directed at LAFA staff, officials, coaches, players or other parents.
  • Staff should be immediately made aware if any person is engaging in behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive. At the LAFA staff's discretion, that individual, or individuals, may be asked to leave the premise.


About Us

LAFA (Little All-American Football Association) West Chester was established in the summer of 1958 by Al Kelly, the namesake of Kelly Field. What started as a simple idea of providing a supervised program for youngsters to learn the fundamentals of football, has grown into an organization that serves over 500 boys and girls in West Chester and the surrounding areas.

67 years later, having benefited thousands of boys and girls, LAFA is still thriving and providing the area with a first-in-class experience.

In addition, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, LAFA is run entirely by volunteers.

Join us in experiencing the excitement of fall football, and witness the growth of your community's love for the game.


REGISTER for LAFA West Chester's NFL Flag Football program NOW!!


Should you have any questions, please direct them to flag@lafawc.com.


Registration Fees:


6UFlag Football (K-1st Grade):


8U Flag Football (2nd-3rd Grade):


10U Flag Football (4th-5th Grade):


12U Flag Football (6th-7th Grade):


14U Flag Football (8th-9th Grade):


15U Players (10th) accepted, limited availability